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Helper Format

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:58 pm

Follow this format while applying

Minecraft Username

Your Age (please be honest):

Timezone -​

What time are you most often on? (your time) -​

Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)? -​

When did you first play Minecraft, how often do you play? -​

Have you ever been banned or temp banned on any server? -​

What is your previous experience in any type of moderation? -​

Where are you most active on the server? -​

How many hours can you contribute per day? -​

What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them? -

SCENARIO : "You come home from school and have ton of homework to do, you think to yourself I'll just take a 5 minute break before I start and get on Hypixel. The next thing you know 2 hours have passed and you've been on the server all that time." Does this scenario sound familiar to you? -

Do you have any experience with depression? How have you dealt with this? -

Do you use the teamspeak and a microphone? -​

Are you able to record? For youtube? -​

Anything else we should know? -​



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